Mellow Mushroom- Paducah’s Newest Addition

Lauren Wildoner, Messenger Reporter and Photography Coordinator

If you didn’t know or have been excitedly waiting like I have- Mellow Mushroom has recently opened in the Coke plant on 3121 Broadway St. My friends and I visited shortly after opening to review the food and restaurant as a whole. Here is our opinion of the atmosphere, food we ordered, and our experience overall. We hope this gets you excited to visit Mellow Mushroom and maybe give you a start on what foods to try first.

You can find interesting and unique things in the details of our Mellow Mushroom- if you look closely, it is laced with Paducah’s history and the building in which is resides. There is a wall decorated with old coke bottle caps, tying in the history of the building in which it was in. There is also a television that shows pictures and videos taken of the Paducah flood in 1937. A mural on a large wall [pictured] showing Paducah life and making this specific Mushroom different from any other in the world. Another unique find was an old cigarette dispenser, but its purpose had been renewed. Artists had created original artwork that was cased in cigarette box-sized case. If you paid $5, you would get your own miniature original work of art.  

To begin with our food, the atmosphere of the restaurant was laid back and comfortable. It was a large space and full of tables, and in the back you were able to see the cooks tossing pizza dough and preparing the food. Even so, there was no crowded feel whatsoever. The walls were adorned with murals and small works of art. We collectively rated it a 5/5 and the atmosphere alone had us wanting to come back and we hadn’t even left yet.

Raegan Archer, Sydney Carroll, and Tristan Cates accompanied me. As an appetizer, we all split bruschetta (a garlic bread topped with tomatoes). We adored it. To quote Raegan: “My grandma makes bruschetta- this is better.” Raegan and I shared a pineapple pizza, Sydney ordered the “Thai Dye” pizza, and Tristan ordered the “Great White” pizza. Raegan and I enjoyed the pineapple pizza all except for the crust- we had expected white bread, but it was made on wheat. Not a huge setback, but not what we were expecting. The cheese and sauce were delicious and we liked everything else about it. Together, we rate it a ⅘. Sydney enjoyed her pizza- if you don’t know, the “Thai Dye” pizza is made with curry and mozzarella cheese, and thai chilli sauce. Sydney rated her pizza 3.5/5, and said: “It was a yummy blend of foods you wouldn’t think go together. I love it and want it again.” Tristan was pleased with his “Great White” pizza- he rated it a ⅘. “The blend of many different cheeses made each bite different.”

Overall, we had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go back. Its location makes it accessible and it stays open late, which makes it perfect to turn into our new hangout. We all loved the food and atmosphere and encourage you to go and enjoy!