Podcasts To Listen To

Selaney Yancey, Junior Editor

Podcasts are the happy lovechild of listening to music and having dinner with a friend. They include you, they create a conversation, they entertain, they educate, and they break the silence in a way that keeps you calm and engaged. Here are a few suggestions to start your podcast journey and find which one fits you.



  • Dear Hank and John:


This podcast is one described by the brotherly duo Hank and John Green, also known as the vlogbrothers, as “a comedy podcast about death where they answer your questions, giving you dubious advice, and bringing you all the news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon”. The podcast is honest and included you in on the conversation between two best friends, you feel a part of the Green brotherhood. The podcast includes traditions of a short poem reading by John before each episode, reading out loud corrections of their last episodes from viewers, and wisdom with bits of information you thought you could live without but will be happy to know. You can listen on Soundcloud or Itunes.



  • If I Were You With Jake and Amir:


Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld from College Humor created and host this comedy advice podcast. The length is usually 30 minutes to an hour and involves the hosts answering email submitted questions to which they make up a pseudonym for the submitter and then answer which usually leads to a brainstorming of what would be the best and worst things to do in the person’s situation. The podcast is hilarious, and the relationship between the two hosts create an ongoing witty dialogue that makes you feel like you are sitting across the table from two best friends. Special guests are featured at times including the always funny Ben Schwartz and the actress Allison Williams. You can listen at Soundcloud, Itunes, PodcastOne, or Headgum.com