A Letter from the Editor – February 2017


Raegan Archer, Editor-in-Chief & Design Editor

Dear Readers:

As the last semester of the year goes on, you can slowly see the “senioritis” creep into the class of 2017. Whether it shows itself as daily tardies, not coming to school at all, or spending most of your school day watching Netflix, there’s no doubt that senioritis is real. Senior year is important, no doubt, but it can be hard to keep your head in the present, when you spend every minute having to plan for your future.

So to the class of 2017, good luck with these last 3 months of high school. Finish that essay you don’t want to write, try to come to school at least a few days every week, and don’t feel bad about wearing leggings or sweatpants every day. Being a senior is hard. You earned dressing down.


Raegan Archer