Gorrillaz- Humanz Album Review

Luke Resser, Messenger Reporter

It’s been seven years since the last Gorillaz album. I’ve always loved Gorillaz genre bending sound, Demon Days is one of my favorite albums of the 2000s. Leading up to Humanz, four singles were released, Ascension, Saturnz Barz, Andromeda, and We Got the Power. It took some time for me to warm up to Ascension, but now I’ve come to really enjoy the Vince Staples feature. Saturnz Barz is a very interesting song. Popcaan has a huge presence on this track with his auto-tuned vocals. My favorite of the singles was Andromeda. The song has an 80’s pop feel to it as well as a feature from D.R.A.M.. However, I’m not a big fan of We Got the Power. The strange feature from Jenny Beth doesn’t really fit and the lyrics sound clunky. But now we have the full album. I was really hoping to love Humanz, but when it comes down to it, the album isn’t great.


There are some great songs on this album. I loved all of the singles (apart from We Got the Power). I also really enjoyed Charger, The Apprentice, and Busted and Blue. But one of the most interesting things about this album is the huge list of features including Vince Staples, De La Soul, D.R.A.M., Pusha T, Jehnny Beth, and Danny Brown. However, I think sometimes, these features hurt the album. For example, I was really excited when I saw that Danny Brown was on the album. I was expecting both artist’s styles to blend really well. But his feature is probably the worst on the entire record. His strange vocals just do not work with the beat and it ruins an otherwise decent song. Often times, these features are either used too much or too little. For example, the song with Popcaan sounds more like a Popcaan song featuring Gorillaz. But when D.R.A.M. is featured, he is only on the song for a few seconds.


Overall, this isn’t a terrible album. There are some great tracks here that I really enjoy. But there’s no flow between the tracks and they’re all just kinda put together. There’s a lot of songs on here that I was really hoping would be better but they just sound incomplete. This album could’ve been so much more but in the end, it was just disappointing.