Black Mirror

Rodney Perry, Messenger Reporter

In this era, streaming is on the rise as traditional television is on the decline. The ability to share content from different parts of the earth is also risen. Americans are no longer confined to the channels of the U.S broadcasting, they are able to stream foreign entertainment such as the BBC and Al jazeera. Some of these foreign entertainment have gained much support and praise. One of these series is Black mirror. Black mirror is a British television anthology series that takes a cynical look at the use of technology and our dependence on it. Black mirror is a twilight zone type stories that take a dark twist on everyday devices and take a stark look into the future and how our technology dependence could lead to our demise as a species. Black mirror could also be seen as a cautionary tale of the fate of the human race with our naiveness towards technology and growing utility of technology in modern society. This series is masterfully executed always leaving the audience in a state of shock or disbelief at the end of each episode. However, due to the extremely dark content shown in the series, the show will not suitable for everyone. Originally Black mirror was apart of the BBC but was picked up by Netflix. Netflix would continue the show and eventually create season three on their own.  This series is critically acclaimed, winning an emmy for best miniseries in 2012. This series is a perfect addition to anyone’s halloween watch list or if you’re looking for a show with deeper meaning or a well executed show.