Lunchtime Lads: The Hokkaido Experience


Connor Scholl and Rodney Perry

After indulging in Burrito Shack, the finest Mexican establishment around,  the Lunchtime Lads decided to take on an entirely new beast: Japanese food. While determining which restaurant to review was extremely difficult, they ultimately decided to go with a newer restaurant: 北海道, or as it’s more commonly known, Hokkaido.

Connor’s Review – Walking into Hokkaido, I had somewhat high expectations. I had heard from a reputable source that this restaurant was exceptional, which led me to expect nothing less. However, referring to it as exceptional is a gargantuan understatement, and not only was the food amazing, but the service was as well. As I sat down, I was immediately tended to by an exuberant waiter, Alfonso, who livened my experience with his wisecracks and dry humor. His good-humored personality was the perfect way to commence my meal, which only got better from there. After ordering, I expected some sort of appetizer, such as rolls or chips, but was given something completely unexpected: popcorn. While I admit that this was a strange appetizer, it was delicious nonetheless. Shortly after finishing off the popcorn, I was brought my entrée, the Hibachi Shrimp and Noodles. Although I normally don’t enjoy lo-mein noodles, these were fantastic and complemented the shrimp nicely. However, I have one complaint: the shrimp was almost flavorless. I’ve tried Hibachi Shrimp from several other restaurants, and it has been flavorful everywhere but here. Overall, Hokkaido receives an 8 out of 10 from me. I recommend it highly to anyone in search of a fine-dining experience.

Rodney’s Review – As I entered the restaurant I was greeted with a nostalgic look of ancient orients. A mix of Japanese clan culture and Chinese fuedal art. I was greeted by a friendly waiter that showed me to my seat. Without much wait time our eccentric and handsome waiter of Italian descent, Alfonso, promptly informed us on their menu. Alfonso entertained us with his fascination with the 80s action figure, Stretch Armstrong, and his dedication to the Chinese language. As I thoroughly listened to Alfonso’s anecdotes I analyzed the menu. The selection was not as grand as one might think and prices were not drastic but there were no specialty menu items, no dishes to grab my attention. I did see a korean beef dish served with white rice and steamed vegetables. Alfonso continued to impress us as why we awaited our food. Finally, as the illustrious Alfonso brought our plates my eyes and my mouth watered. The food looked delicious as it steamed. I took a bite and was greeted with sweet and tangy barbeque complemented with the bland rice. The food was delicious but not unique. Nothing stood out as amazing about Hokkaido’s Korean BBQ. Hokkaido received a score of 7 out of 10 for its amazing venue, friendly service (Alfonso) but mediocre food quality.