New to Television: Season 8 of The Walking Dead

Photo Credit to AMC

Photo Credit to AMC

Kaelin Rowell, Junior Editor

The Walking Dead (TWD)  returned last month starting with the show’s 100th episode, causing a major uproar among fans. For those who watch the AMC television series or read the comics, this is no surprise. The show is one of its rare kind, considering the genre of ongoing horror is minimal at best. In my opinion, there is nothing like it. By coming on weekly, there is no need to wrap up story lines, and the fans are able to form emotional attachments to characters unlike any horror before. You see the characters put unthinkable effort into simply surviving and are able to know why they make the decisions they do. It is especially powerful from an audience’s standpoint.

In terms of the show’s ratings, TWD consistently wins the 18-49 demographic and has outperformed the olympics.  Millions of fans gather for the show at Comic-Con each year to see the cast. Consequently, here is no doubt that the show is a success.

This season thus far seems to stand out from other seasons of the Walking Dead. The show hasn’t really followed the comics this go around, but the overall plot is still the same. Negan, played by the undoubtedly talented and handsome Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is probably going to see some sort of downfall this season, but Morgan is signed for another season so I don’t believe he will die. Maggie is taking on more of a leading role at the Hilltop, which I think everyone is excited about. Nobody really knows how she doesn’t have a baby bump when she has been pregnant for two seasons, but that’s fine, I guess.

The premiere was everything that I hoped it would be. It definitely lived up to the hype. It was action-packed, suspenseful, funny, and brought a sense of strength to the characters on screen, as well as a tribute to the characters off-screen. I was pleasantly surprised, actually. I wasn’t left feeling robbed of a decent premiere or upset with the production. The only complaint I have is that Rick didn’t shoot Negan on the spot during the battle scene. He had decently clear margins and stopped because Gabriel talked him out of taking the shot. I think Gabriel definitely deserved to get left behind in episode one. I was able to sleep well at night.

Talking Dead has better this go-around, too. The first episode included all members of the cast, plus some old cast members. It made me pretty upset when Steven Yeun, who played Glenn on the show, couldn’t be there, though. However, we were able to see him on a pre-recorded video, which is decent enough I guess. However, It was interesting to see the cast’s take on their own characters this season. Producers are almost in every episode, as well as some interesting cast members. In the past, we have seen insignificant actors, whose characters serve absolutely no purpose, such as Pollyanna McIntosh, who plays Jadis. The appearance of Andrew Lincoln, the actor who plays the main character, Rick Grimes, was a major win.I am also really jealous of the contest winners who got to sit in on the Talking Dead premiere, but that is another story.  

In conclusion, The Walking Dead is making a great comeback this season. There is no doubt that some characters will meet their demise this season- let’s just hope it isn’t someone important. For those watching now, what do you think will happen to Negan? Who will be the next to go? Are you hoping for the show to follow the comics? Tweet us your thoughts.