One for the Books “We Should Hang Out Sometime”


Caroline Dew

Kaitlyn Craig, Columnist and Human Interest Coordinator

This month’s “One for the Books” selection is the complete opposite of the book I covered in the February edition, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”. Where that book was very deep and had very sad and tragic themes, this book, “We Should Hang Out Sometime” is very funny and lighthearted. It is actually a nonfiction book, but it reads like any normal fiction novel.

This book is a memoir that Josh Sundquist wrote about his relationship experience, or lack thereof. Josh is now a paralympic ski racer and YouTube star, but he had his fair share of awkward teenage experiences. Maybe even more than most given the fact he only has one leg due to a battle with cancer. The premise of this book is that when Josh was twenty-five years old, he realized that he had never had a girlfriend. When this came to his attention, he was actually under the impression that he was in a relationship, so this was a shocking realization. So he decides to go back and look at each of his previous crushes and almost girlfriends, and review the situation, create a hypothesis, and then contact them to ask them what went wrong.

The special thing about this book is that the author could have taken the woah is me route and just constantly look down on himself and write it in a very hostile manner. But instead he wrote it in a very self humorous manner and continually makes jokes about the situation and about his awkwardness. This is what I loved about the book most. I was laughing throughout the whole thing, which I really enjoyed because most of the books I have read lately have been really heavy and overall just really sad. It was very lighthearted, which was refreshing. It also involves a lot of normal teenage situations, some of which not even involving the relationship aspect of the book that are super relatable to someone who has completed the majority of their high school career. This was also a very quick read, I read it in just over a week, and that was with all of my other homework and commitments.

This book isn’t one that would change any lives, or inspire anyone to go become president or something like that, but it was definitely a very enjoyable read. It was nice to read something easy and simple, that wasn’t an emotional roller coaster. I would give this book a definitely 3.5/5.