What’s Up With All That Orange Snow?


Connor Scholl, Messenger Reporter

Holy moly, orange snow covered parts of eastern Europe in March! Pictures of it began circulating quickly, and it seemed as though nothing could account for the orange tint of the snow pictured but filters. However, no filter was responsible for this; it was really just orange snow.

But how did Mother Nature perform this feat? How could it suddenly start snowing orange snow rather than the white snow we’ve all become accustomed to? The fact of the situation is that this seemingly random occurrence isn’t so abnormal after all. This evidently occurs about every five years as a result of sand from the Sahara mixing with snow and rain. There is, however, one abnormality in this situation: there is much more sand present in this snow than in past occurrences.

So, the truth has been uncovered: this orange snow is not really all that abnormal, and it’s simply due to the mixing of sand and precipitation.