Vick – Prom 2018


Olivia Vick, Messenger Reporter

McCracken County High School  2018 prom was held outside of the school for the first time in Mustang history. This Golden Gala was a prom to be remembered, whether it was the music, the dresses, or the $2 cans of soda, it was a prom night that none of us will forget.

The Julian Carroll Convention Center (also known as the Paducah Convention Center) was the perfect setting for McCracken’s prom. There was more space for the expansive number of students, prettier scenery, and no cafeteria tables. There were more places to sit for the many tired students without taking away from the dancing space, and the food and beverage counter was more separated and well laid out. The theme was carried out more effectively than last year, with the golden decorations and the beautiful golden petals scattered across the many tables. The twinkle lights set up for taking aesthetic prom pictures was a special touch. The LED lights, loud music, louder bass, and enthusiastic DJ didn’t seem to differ to much from the previous proms, which I personally appreciated because this is what makes prom for me. That, and of course dancing with my incredible friends.

I personally had an incredible time at prom and greatly appreciated the change of scenery. While this will be the end of McCracken dances for me, I hope in the continuing year’s students remember this success and continue to hold prom at a removed location and uphold the success of prom this year.