MCHS- Homecoming School Dance- 2022

Arabella Griffin, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Students at Mccracken County High School scrambled to get tickets for the upcoming school dance. Homecoming is quite popular, they sold out within a few days. Everyone was excited for the fall dance, where students could dress up and let loose to a fun time. The dance took place in the cafeteria that lead to a backdoor outside. A lot of people who came with their dates remained on the dance floor, while other friend groups socialized outdoors. They were having a blast, dancing in big groups. The lights were big and the music was loud. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. The party was kicking off with a fresh start. Someone even said, “I had a great time dancing and being with my friends, definitely a highlight of the year.”

Although a lot of people left early, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. A lot of people who left were in larger groups. Some people left early because they thought the DJ was too loud. Another said that they were only there for ten minutes because their date left early and claimed the dance was “uneventful.” A lot of people were outside because the dance floor was really crowded. After talking with a number of students, a lot of them had fun but the other half seemed unsatisfied with the outcome of the dance. “It wasn’t really what I expected,” someone said,”I wanted to have fun but the music was too loud and I couldn’t think clearly.”

Views were very mixed about how people felt about the dance. It is possible that the ones who felt unengaged at the dance were expected a scene more like Prom, some being their first time at a High School dance. Hopefully, this year’s Prom will lighten things up but for now, Homecoming really can’t hold a candle to the bigger and better school dance.