Mustang Major Media

Makanda Rolfe, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Whether you realize it or not, if you are a student or teacher or practically anyone who’s associated with McCracken County high school, you’ve interacted with Mustang Media in some way. Whether that be because you’ve been to a football game, interacted with one of the members of our Mustang media team, or even simply had a good time at a school event. 

The Media Club takes photographs in videos to include in the replays featured at pep rally events otherwise known as the Mustang replay. The Mustang replay is a video that is typically displayed yearly or occasionally after a big event for our school. The Media team has members that take and choose pictures based on what they think will best represent and display the goal of the video as well as encourage the students and staff to be enthusiastic about the coming years and the next replay. As well as the photographs the media club also designs the graphics for these replays, graphics being the infographics and designs cycled through during this replay. As well as the graphics for these replays, the media club  also creates infographics to post on different social media in order to get information out to our school community

McCracken media has an Instagram account titled “mchs_media,” and a youtube account titled “McCracken county media arts” which is a group account between all of the widespread media classes in the school. Haley Caranongan, one of the members of our McCracken Media Club says that she signed up for the learning opportunities and they have been even more than she could ever imagine. If you have any passion relating to photography, graphic design, or media presence, the Mustang Media club would love to see new students next year and encourage even more passionate students in their future careers.