Fashion Always Comes Back


Abigail A Childers, Staff member

Obviously we have seen many fashion trends from the bell bottoms in the 70’s to the low rise jeans and leg warmers in the 90’s.  Our generation has definitely made some of their own styles but if you really pay attention you would see that most of the trends gen Z starts with fashion is a bunch of different trends mixed into one.  With things like Instagram and Tiktok, it is really easy to see all the new fashion trends and what you “need” to go buy.  The influencers of these platforms even give you access to discount codes and links to use to buy all of these “new” trendy items. In reality, a 16 year old girl could probably go into her mom’s closet when she was younger and find some of the exact same things. Celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and more have made their own trends that get posted one time and it’s like the whole world is trying to get the same exact outfit. Red carpet looks have evolved from hip length shirts, poofy dresses, and leg warmers to dresses with cutouts and Jordan 1’s.

Recently the most trendy thing has definitely gotta be Y2K style. This style blew up in the early 2000’s with the Britney Spears and Paris Hilton era.  Gen Z has started bringing back those Y2K micro mini skirts and the matching Juicy Couture sweat sets that were all the talk in the early 2000’s. Although these trends do start to circle around, it has been seen that some people don’t want to take it all the way back , so these trends have a Gen Z twist to them.

In 2010, you could walk into any high school in the months between October and February and see a hundred pairs of the same Ugg boots that went up to the knees. These Ugg boots went out of style” for years and years but we see now that they are circling back around in the 2022 and 2023 season. Instead of the boots that go up to your knees, we’ve seen a lot of the slipper type Ugg boots that are paired with jeans,leggings,sweatpants and basically anything you can think of.

This is not the only thing that is huge this year.  Flare leggings, jeans, sweatpants, etc. have been all people can wear for the past year. These used to be the number one thing back in 2005. You could walk into any Victoria’s Secret/PINK store and find you a pair of fold over flare leggings with a matching waist length tank top to go with it. We see a lot of stores like Hollister, Lululemon, and more selling a variety of styles in these pants now. Overall, history has a way of repeating itself and that has definitely been shown through the way people dress.