Comic Clash #2 Batwoman vs Ironheart

Comic Clash #2 Batwoman vs Ironheart

Gavin Lager, Staff Writer- The Mustang Messenger

(Disclaimer:This is using the comic book versions of these characters not any movies or show versions are included) A match up that brings 2 kinda sorta under the radar heroes to arms Batwoman vs Ironheart!

Lets see the fighters,first Iron heart also known as Riri Willaims. Riri is a super intelligent girl who was able to build an Iron Man suit out of stolen parts. Riri is a member of the Champions and sometimes a friend of Tony Stark. Some big news that has led to controversy is that Ironheart is said to take over as Iron Man soon. Now on to Batwoman aka Kate Kane,Kate is a military trained bat family member. She is a strong willed grittier but more hopeful version of Batman. So let’s see how these two would match up.

Ironheart:The suit

Ironheart has an amazing suit that can fly at Mach 5! The suit can also shoot plasma blasts from the palm and has a plasma beam in the middle of the chest. The suit also gives enhanced strength of 150 TONS! This seems like it would put Batwoman in a terrible situation but she does have a counter. Batwoman knows gadgets and though Ironheart might have an edge it might be even.

Batwoman:Hand to Hand Combat and Military Training

Now you might be thinking “Well Iron heart will just stay in the air”. The issue is however that with one good shot to just one thruster and Ironheart is on the ground. To be honest Batwoman is highly intelligent so I think she knows how to hit a thruster off Ironheart to get her to the ground. Look, Batwoman is trained in military combat and has been trained by special forces. Ironheart relies too much on her suit for her to defend herself from Batwoman’s constant and violent punches.Batwoman could beat her senseless if she can get through the armor

Ironheart:Genius level intellect

I’m not trying to put down Batwoman’s intelligence,she is crazy smart,but Ironheart is like a super genius. Ironheart built a one man army of suits at fifteen years old! Ironheart’s intelligence might help her analyze and figure out how to stop Batwoman or at least gain an edge over her.

Batwoman:HER suit

Batwoman’s suit is not near the power of Ironheart but hers is bulletproof and stab proof. Batwoman could tank a few plasma shots before she goes down. I have a feeling that her suit and military skill will help her get to Ironheart before she goes down allowing her to put her  hand to hand combat skills to use .


This could also go along with the suit but I think this has enough to stand on its own. The suit is INSANELY strong and Ironheart could break Batwoman’s back if she wanted to. This suit could be and absolute game changer if Ironheart uses it correctly


Batwoman is a determined fighting machine. She has an iron will and refuses to leave when caught in a fight. This gives her somewhat of an advantage as Riri though determined is not  near the level of Tenacity of Batwoman at ALL. Batwoman will  stay up until she can’t fight anymore. This woman took a beating from Wonder Woman in the Injustice storyline and still ended up winning the fight through pure will and military grit. Ironheart is fifteen  years old so she might not be able to handle the pressure of Batwoman.


Again this could be counted for the suit but this deserves a call out. This armor took several hits from a doombot which nearly has the power of The Thing from Fantastic Four. Batwoman would have to storm Ironheart with bat-a-rangs just to make a dent in her armor. Ironheart can’t be too confident in the armor though as Batwoman could tear at it and bust it so she needs to stay agile to make this an advantage.


Batwoman has an array of gadgets that can help her like a bat-laser that can cut through almost anything. She has the deadly weapon of bat-a-rangs as well as a sharp knuckle brass. Batwoman carries SO many gadgets but she also gets over-confident and won’t use them when they could be very useful so she needs to know when to use them and how to use them against Ironheart effectively.

Ironheart:Plasma and other weapons 

Again this is attached to the suit but again is a standalone feature. This plasma can annihilate almost anything it comes in contact with. Also that chest laser could be an absolute finisher shot. She also has missiles and sticky EMPs. These weapons,with enough hits of course, have the possibility to take out Batwoman. Ironheart has to keep a distance though and need to avoid getting hit out of the sky

Batwoman:She is willing to go there

Ironheart doesn’t have the stomach to kill people and is usually less violent than Batwoman can be. Batwoman will kill Ironheart if it comes down to it. Batwoman does have morals though and might refrain from killing a fifteen year old, but if her life is in danger she will make the final shot that could put Ironheart out of business,permanently. Clayface was a friend of Batwoman but when he went out of control she was willing to take him out when he endangered too many lives. I think she might refrain but in the end she will do it if it comes down to it.

Results:Batwoman Wins!

I know that suit is killer, but I think Batwoman will just be too much for a fifteen  year old to handle.

Batwoman’s grit also just makes it too much for Ironheart. Ironheart will get hits but Batwoman will most likely brush it off and continue beating at Ironheart. The suit is, durable but not invincible so Batwoman could tear it up with the knuckle brass and beat through the suit. And if Ironheart does get the upper hand, Batwoman will use a killing blow.