Daily Library Time In School?

Daily Library Time In School?

Jaiden Herzog, Staff Writer

This week the Newspaper department polled students asking them various questions.  One question in particular beckoned, “Would you be in favor of a daily library time in schools?”

Newspaper staff writers were to get over 100 responses per question.  This question concerning library time got 104 student answers.

58% were in favor, while 5.8% said no, MCHS should not have daily library time.    34% of students were hesitant to be in favor of or decline the idea, saying “maybe.”

Some students took the time to write individual opinions.  Two agreed to library time as long as it was not mandatory to read stating, “It depends.  I don’t want to have to read,” and, “No books.”

One student was in favor of making that library hour a designated hour for mental health and study hall.

The MCHS Mustang Messenger will continue to investigate and look into these student opinions.

The question is: What do YOU think about library time during school hours?