Netflix Recommendations- December


Luke Resser, Messenger Reporter


This biography tells the story of Barack Obama in college. As he begins his junior year in 1981, he must stay connected with his mother, his classmates, and his estranged father. The cast features Anya Taylor-Joy from The Witch as well as Ellar Coltrane from Boyhood. Anyone who enjoys biographies or political films will enjoy this Netflix original.


Upstream Color

Shane Carruth wrote, directed, and stars in his second film. Depicting a woman who goes through strange experiments and meets a man who went through similar events. Carruth brings another acclaimed psychological drama. Featured in the 2013 Sundance dramatic competition official selection, this film definitely deserves a watch. Fans of dramas and sci-fi will love Upstream Color.



Christopher Nolan’s first film details the life of a man with a strange habit of following people. This film started Nolan’s career and really helped him reach the critical acclaim he has today. If you’re a fan of Christopher Nolan or enjoy thrillers, this is the film for you.


Captain America: Civil War

This is Marvel at it’s finest. Civil War stands out when compared to other superhero films because of it’s darker material. This film shows the heroes’ failures mounting up to a collapse of the Avengers. Captain America: Civil War is a must-see for any fan of superhero movies.