Fashion Through the Ages

Fashion Through the Ages

Caroline Dew, Messenger Reporter, Columnist & Social Media Manager

Some of your parents may look at you as you walk down the stairs in the morning, sporting your new outfit, and choose not to say anything. A few might compliment their kids, but most of them are thinking “What is it with these new trends?”. Well, that’s exactly it. It’s a trend, that’s why we wear things – because our society defines certain trends as ‘cool’ and therefore, we define them as cool. Fashion doesn’t stay the same, as a matter of fact, it changes quickly and noticeably. You can probably think of one difference in fashion from two years ago to now. Imagine how our parents or grandparents feel, having seen at least 30 years of fashion change right in front of them! But how different could our parents have really dressed?


The fifties are known as the time of poodle skirts and good ol’ music. I’m sure, however, you would not be surprised if I told you that not every single person wore poodle skirts. There was more to fashion in the fifties than just that! The forties  was a time of rationing and minimal fabric due to the money being sunk into the Second World War – so, naturally, people wanted to take advantage of the economic boom in the fifties. Clothing began to contain an excess of fabric. Popular clothing for women included poofy petticoats, and pleated clothing – all made of the best nylon, wool, and rayon. They also took advantage of the new affordability of clothing, and made sure their clothes was bright and bold in color. Through the fifties, fashion for men changed very little. The choices for style remained suits and jackets.


The seventies are well known in the fashion world. The styles in the seventies were similar to the sixties, but, well, a bit more flamboyant. Colors were extremely bright, and pants were flaring out at the bottom like they never had before. In the late seventies, however, the crazy fashion wound down a bit. Pants weren’t as flared and the average guy began to go to track suits and jackets as an outfit. Women were similar to men, in the way that they wore bright colors and flamboyant clothing in the early seventies. Long, flowing pants and skirts were in high demand. Now, the end of the seventies was revolutionary for women’s fashion. For the first time in history, women began to wear jeans and suits regularly.


What about now? Fashion trends now aren’t something I should have to elaborate too much on. Nike elite socks and tennis shoes, leggings and Ugg boots, skinny jeans, miniskirts, and crop tops are just some of the things that come to mind. What about shoes? Chacos, Vans, Birkenstocks, and Jordans are some of the more popular footwear options of the day. Makeup trends even change! Wings are growing in popularity, bold lipstick colors, and dark eyebrows are popular.
While your parents may judge you for what you wear, don’t let it get to you! They grew up at a different time, wearing different clothes. Seeing you in the trends of today is odd to them. Enjoy your generation, wear those crazy styles quickly before they go out of style. Wear wings on your eyes and Nike Elite socks. Braid your hair and sport those Jays. Have fun in your generation before a new one comes and knocks us over with their crazy fashion.