Disney; The American Dream

Disney; The American Dream

Kaitlyn Craig, Messenger Reporter, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

October, 2016

Walt Disney is a name that everyone knows. All people from ages 3 to 93 know who Walt Disney is and what he did. He is probably the most known person in the world. There are Walt Disney theme parks in countries all over the world. He has captivated our imaginations since “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiered in December of 1937.


Walt Disney came from very humble beginnings. He was born in Chicago, Illinois to Elias Disney and Flora Disney. They moved to Missouri when Walt was little and had a farm, but moved to Kansas City when his father could not take care of the farm anymore. When Walt was around ten years of age, him and his brother Roy would deliver newspapers for their father’s route. And at a young age, Walt discovered the talent that would change his life, and the rest of the world, forever. That gift was drawing cartoons, and they were so good that they were often published in his school’s newspaper.


Walt attempted to enlist in the military when he was sixteen years of age. He went overseas with the Red Cross, and after the war, he decided to move back to Kansas City and become an artist. And he then created his first original animated cartoons, and after a lot of practice, he mastered the art of mixing live action and animation. He called these animations “Laugh-o-Grams”. At the age of 22, Walt decided to take his talent from Missouri to Hollywood, California. Walt began working with his brother and together, they created Disney Brothers Studios. Roy would operate the camera, and Walt would do the animation. And after he decides he wants to focus on the aspects of film, he ended his career as an animator. Soon after, Walt fell in love with one of the girls who was hired to paint for the company, and a few years later, they got married.


Walt took a lot of risks when it came to his career. For example, when he got the idea to do a full-length cartoon film, everyone thought that he was being ridiculous and that no one would want to sit through an animation that lasted that long. But Disney went for it anyway, and look where we are now! He proved everyone wrong. Without that risk, the entertainment industry would be immensely different today. There would be no cartoon television shows or movies, there would be no fairy tale themed films, and many other things.


We can all agree that Walt Disney was a genius. He was creative enough to come up with the classic storylines for the films that we all know and love even to this day. He even built his own theme park in California, and began building one in Florida but died before it was complete. And now, Disney owns almost all of the filmmaking studios out there. They are truly a monopoly.


Walt Disney has had as much of an effect on our culture, or even more than anyone. His creativity has shaped our lives in ways we may not even realize. He taught us the lesson that can bring great success and true happiness, which is to never give up. He faced a lot of opposition throughout his childhood, through his early career, and especially through his later career. But he never gave up, and he accomplished great things. He brought great positivity to this world, you can’t help but be happy when you hear those catchy songs or watch those timeless films. “If you can dream it, you can do it. Remember that this whole thing started with a dream and a mouse.” – Walt Disney