The Battle Between PC & Console


Brianna Pritchett, Messenger Reporter & Business Manager

There is a constant battle between the common console gaming and gaming via PC. Most of us started on console gaming, it being accessible and in the beginning far ahead of it’s time. Now there has started to be a large shift into the world of PC gaming. The reason there has started to be a shift is due to console gaming becoming outdated and overpriced. With buying a console you are mostly stuck with the components they’re released with. You can’t exchange or upgrade the interior to grab a better advantage on graphics, consoles remain static. Don’t get me wrong the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are definitely better than their proceeding consoles, but consoles can only be so good. The PlayStation 3 was released at a raising price of $500, which not a lot of people were pleased about. In comparison you’d be losing money is you went out and bought a new console every couple of years. On top of that add in the $60 price for individual games.


With gaming via PC you are eligible to upgrade your components whenever you’re able to, this gives more control over graphics, hardware, and pricing. Back to the talk of buying individual games Steam is a growing website that has about every game imaginable for $19.99 or even cheaper. PC’s are personalizable and very individual, and no you don’t need a $2,000 gaming computer in order to outdo a $500 gaming system. A simple $400 computer would easily outperform the PS4 and the Xbox One and be upgradeable and useable for far more time. With this being said there will always be people who stay on console and pass on the appeal of a PC. Consoles are how most of us grew up, it’s pleasant for us to keep playing on different generations of the original system that introduced us into gaming. Some things may never change.