The Old Vs. The …Newer Old?


Brianna Pritchett, Messenger Reporter and Business Manager

We’ve all done it. We’ve all been there. Those long nights playing Mario Kart while half eaten pizza lays on your floor, the life we hope to never leave. Growing up, we’ve all had our fair share of video games from the NES System, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Xbox, to the Playstations. Though, for most of us, it was the NES System or Nintendo 64 that sparked our video game addiction which we have now given up for the newest Xbox or Playstation, or PC style gaming. With all these new updates to old games and old gaming systems, we’ve almost forgotten about what brought gaming into our lives and Nintendo doesn’t want us to forget. Nintendo is revamping the original Nintendo Entertainment System and making it a bit more up-to-date with the times. This new NES system will include built in games including some of the favorites: Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, Final Fantasy, Kirby’s Adventure, Mario Bros., Mega Man 2, Pac-Man, and The Legend of Zelda. The controller is actually able to be synced up with the Wii U and can be used to play virtual console games. This remake of the original NES will include 30 built in games, a more updated system, and a diverse controller for only $59.99.


Yes, we all may find this idea to be interesting at first for nostalgia’s sake, but that doesn’t mean we will go out and purchase it. A very opinionated male named Dylan Matt, a resident of  Gruber’s room, known to be a video game lover’s paradise agreed the idea was nice and that a majority of the games he could recognize. Dylan is a senior and still claims to still own a Nintendo 64, although Dylan mainly plays PC games, thinks the Nintendo could’ve produced another system that is more worthwhile that includes fully updated games. “I think if the NES had games that could be transferable for different systems that would be cool, instead of just having the remote be the only dimensional thing about it.” Even though Dylan doesn’t fully understand the reason to reproduce a console like the NES, he said he may just purchase it due to the reasonably low price. “I could buy a game for that price, purchasing a console with 30 built in games doesn’t sound too bad.”
The NES is set to release in November of 2016, but hasn’t been confirmed. The hope for most future purchasers that they will do add-ons to the system and allow for more games to be played on it, as well as also owning a NES system is nostalgic and pleasing and can be shared with most any generation now that they are bringing it back.