How To Make Christmas Shopping Easier


Whitney Herring, Messenger Reporter

December 2016


It’s December which means one thing: Christmas shopping. Christmastime is supposed to be a happy time spent with family and friends but shoppers know how stressful these time of the year can really be. Here are 8 tips to help make Christmas shopping just a little more bearable.


  1. Set an amount that you want to spend on each person. Make sure everyone you are buying for gets the same amount, don’t spend 40 dollars more on one person and not the rest.
  2. Make a list of all the people you are buying for, the list should include their name, gift ideas, and how much you are going to be spending.
  3. Don’t wait until December to start buying presents for your loved ones, keep your eyes open all year for presents that your loved ones might like.
  4. ALWAYS look up reviews for items you are going to buy, especially if you aren’t familiar with the brand of the item.
  5. Participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these are great ways to get good deals and even get some gifts in bulk.
  6. Before going out to Christmas shop, make sure you eat a good, healthy breakfast. You’re going to need it, especially if you’re walking and waiting in long lines all day long.
  7. With every gift you buy, ALWAYS get a gift receipt, this will make it easier if your loved one decides to take back your gift for any reason.
  8. On the day you go Christmas shopping, don’t buy anything for yourself. Stick to your list and don’t stray from that.

If all else fails and you don’t want to face the crowded malls and long lines, you can always create DIY gifts. Gifts that are homemade mean more to loved ones then gifts you buy, they will cherish them forever. Christmas shopping is stressful, but remember to follow these steps and it will be just a little bit easier.