Basketball Homecoming Court


2017 Basketball Homecoming Court

Congratulations to our 2017 Basketball Homecoming Court


  1.  Emma Ballard and Franklin Hayes
  2.  Madelyn Ceglinski and Lucas Bohannon
  3.  Maggie Dowdy and Cole Bobo


  1.  Gina Caturano and Hutch Huskey
  2.  Madison Caylor and Jack Massa
  3.  Hanna Rhinehart and Kaleb Kester


  1. Hanna Brookshire and Peyton Cadwell
  2.  Maddie Goode and Clay Leneave
  3.  Grace Travis and Dyllan Simmons


  1.  Taylor Brooks and Connor Tilford
  2.  Erin Byassee and Ty Youngblood
  3.  Allie Farmer and Cameron Hartig
  4.  Maddie Harper and Wayd Wood
  5. Hallie Poat and Kyle Garner
  6.  Emily Seitzinger and Colin McCutchen
  7.  Taylor Smith and Mason Vinyard
  8.  Hannah White and Barton Christmas

***These students will have rehearsal this Friday, January 13th during second hour.