How to Survive Going to School on Your Birthday

How to Survive Going to School on Your Birthday

Rachel Bell, Messenger Reporter

Birthdays are supposed to be special, right? You’re supposed to get gifts, go out to dinner, have fun. The reality is, however, save for summer babies and those with birthdays around Christmas, most of us have to deal with going to school on our birthday. It can be hard and stressful, but here are a couple ways to cope with going to school on your special day.

First, dress the part. The first step of a day being special is for you to feel special. It doesn’t have to be a suit and tie or a dress, but dress somewhat differently from your usual. It can be a nice blouse or dress shirt with khakis, or go for a different aesthetic, like wearing a leather jacket if that’s not your normal. People will compliment you, and that can be used as a plug to say “Oh, yeah, it’s my birthday today.” Get the word out. You deserve attention. Another year in the world is something to be celebrated.

Next, don’t be afraid of a little extra attention. Making it another year is really something to be proud of. Let your friends give you gifts. Let your class sing “Happy Birthday”. Let your teacher give you a piece of candy. Don’t be embarrassed. Being in the spotlight may not be your usual style, but one day a year won’t hurt. The people around you love you and want to celebrate with you. They’re not trying to embarrass you. They really do care about making your birthday a good one. It’s good to know people care, so make sure and let them show it.

Do your best to have no homework. When you get home, it’s time to party, and you don’t want to be bogged down with obligations. Your family will thank you for that. Every free second in class should be spent doing homework. That might seem overwhelming, but you’ll be glad you did it this way. Go home and enjoy your time. Get gifts and go to a nice dinner, or cook your favorite meal at home. It will feel so nice not to have to do algebra while you’re eating cake. If you can’t get it all done at school, that’s okay, but don’t stress yourself out at home over it. It’s your night. Be sure to mention to your teachers that it’s your birthday. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll cut you some slack. Don’t count on it though. Be responsible, first and foremost.

As the author is a January baby herself, these methods are tried and true to make your birthday at school the best ever. If your parents will let you stay home, that’s great. Otherwise, use these tips to make your day special, even if you don’t want to be here. No matter where you spend it, your birthday can be memorable, if you make it. Make it go full circle and help your friends’ birthdays be equally awesome. Spread positivity, and have a happy birthday.