Feeling Stressed?

Feeling Stressed?

Whitney Herring, Messenger Reporter

January 2017

Stress is a recurring factor in the life of a high school teenager. Students stress about homework, their social lives, extracurricular activities, and their relationships. High schoolers shouldn’t have to deal with that much stress, students need to learn how to balance out their activities so they can make it through 4 years of high school with less stress.  


  1. Get plenty of sleep: Many teenagers don’t get the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep, this can effect their school performance and their stress level. Getting enough sleep can reduce stress and raise school performance.
  2. Have a place to escape from school: Teenagers spend a lot of their time at school, so having a safe, healthy place to be when they aren’t at school can help reduce stress. Start by hanging out with friends or by finding a hobby that interests you, these are great ways to destress and take a step back from school. Just don’t let this escape become more important than your homework.
  3. Don’t procrastinate: Waiting till the last minute to do an assignment/project is going to cause you to be stressed. Delegate your time and work on it days and weeks before it is due. Procrastinating adds more stress to everyday life.  
  4. Eat healthy: Eating healthy will help you feel and function better than junk food does. Healthy food will make you feel better and you’ll be more willing to delegate your time to schoolwork.
  5. Don’t associate with negative people: Associating with people who have negative thoughts will cause you to start thinking negative. Negative people cause stress on their friends/acquaintances.  


Following these 5 steps will lessen stress on you during your 4 years of high school. High school is stressful no matter what but there are ways to prevent it being too stressful to deal with. Always get plenty of sleep, escape from school, don’t procrastinate, eat healthy, and don’t associate with negative people, follow these steps and you’ll survive high school.