How To Be “Productive” On A Snow Day


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Kaitlyn Craig, Messenger Reporter, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

Imagine this.  It’s early on a freezing cold Monday morning in January. All you want is a day off so you can relax. Then, there is a rush of relief and excitement when you get the phone call that school is canceled for the day. We have all experienced this. Most of us would give anything for that at 6 o’clock on a Monday and even though we know that we will have to make it up at the end of the year, we are all grateful for this little bit of a break. But what to do on an unexpected day in? Don’t find yourself sleeping your snow day away, here are some ways that you can be “productive” on your day off.


Harry Potter Marathon

Sometimes you just feel like sitting down and watching all of a movie series in a row. With the Harry Potter movies, you have to dedicate an entire day of your life to complete them. A perfect day to do this is an unexpected snow day, when you have no plans, and it is too cold to go out and do anything. So grab a steaming mug of hot cocoa and a blanket and enjoy the magic of Hogwarts on your day off from normal responsibilities.


Making Snow Cream

There are so many different recipes and versions of this snow day treat online. This dessert is one thing that you can only eat when it is cold and the ground is covered in white, fluffy snow. The best time to eat snow cream is right after the snow falls, so it is clean and fresh. This is a fun activity to do with friends or family while listening to Christmas music.


Finally Using Your Adult Coloring Books

Let’s be honest, no one has time to sit down and complete a complicated coloring page during the school or work week. So a snow day is a perfect time to break out the colored pencils and your coloring book and get to work. This activity will also help you get the most relaxation out of your day off.


Catch Up On Your Favorite TV Show

Everyone has their television show that they could sit down and binge for hours. During the normal week, everything gets so busy that you never get a chance to sit down and catch up with your favorite characters. But a snow day is a perfect day to sit down in your favorite spot with Netflix and just lose yourself in their world. This is also a perfect way to relax and take a break from the normal stresses of life.