What to do on Valentines Day If Single

What to do on Valentines Day If Single

Brianna Pritchett, Messenger Reporter & Business Manager

Honestly, we have all been there, single on Valentine’s Day, alone in your house watching all the adorably cringey social media post online, but hey you’re not alone and I have the perfect solution for you! There are more than a couple of things you can do to make your lonely depressing days a teenie bit better, and trust me when I say I have spent far too many depressing evenings to qualify me as your reliable source for advice. I’ll give you a few tips and tricks to turning that depressing evening into a quite mediocre time, and besides you don’t want to be in some embarrassing high-school relationship anyway… trust me.


Let start with something that always makes me feel better. One thing that’s an easy fix to a sad night is by finding a lonely friend to spend the evening with, and if you don’t have one just force one of your friends to break-up with their significant other. Spending time with someone just as sad as you are cancels out all emotions, two negatives make a positive right?


Keep yourself busy! If you’ve run out of mind-numbing video games to keep your mind busy, and those semi-famous Youtubers haven’t discovered what decent content is you can also gander into the world of Pintrest DIY’s. I only do food related Pintrest DIY’s, because frankly if you get on Pintrest for anything other than food tips then it’s pretty obvious why you’re lonely on Valentine’s day. Anyway, keep yourself busy with food and stuff yourself till your heart is warm. There’s no losing in stuffing that empty hole in your heart with some sweet-sweet treats.


If the one thing you’re still craving is the warm cuddles of your non-existant partner, here is the perfect idea for you. Buy a heated blanket! And yes, I’m completely serious this is the perfect device to keep you warm all throughout the night. If this still isn’t enough to keep you cold lonely heart warm, try a human arm pillow. Yes, you hear that correct. They now make pillows similar to the shape of a human torso to give that real cozy feeling of a fake relationship, they are incredibly easy to find all over the internet. Combine this pillow with a heated blanket and you should be in a make-believe relationship in no time. If somehow you’re still feeling a bit lonely and depressed try seeing a counselor. Following all these tips you should be having the most average night of your life, have fun staying single!