Just Stop Talking

Just Stop Talking

Kaelin Rowell, Messenger Reporter

I am a very jaded, closed-minded person. I am easily annoyed by almost everything, but nothing beats when I am sitting in class, trying to do my work and that these select few people will not shut up. To help some of you, and in attempts to put my frustration at bay, I have composed ten harsh realities for some of you who never zip your lip.


  1. Nobody cares

This one is probably the meanest one, but I do not care and there is a chance that the whole class doesn’t care about how you couldn’t sleep last night. Nobody cares about you enough to stop class and listen to your banter when the teacher takes a breath.


  1.  The teacher doesn’t care either

This one is a no-brainer, but if you are the kid who never stops talking and causes the teacher to pause on a lesson, there is a guarantee that they are not listening to you. They are simply just looking at you and waiting for you to close your mouth. See number 1.


  1. Your input is irrelevant

This one is probably one of the most prominent, but there is a chance that if you are the kid who never shuts up then you are probably talking about something that has nothing to do with the class. See number 1.


  1.  We are here to learn

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I pay money and wake up at the crack of dawn to come here every day, I want to learn something. I do not wake up and change clothes to listen to you talk. I come here for an education so that I can get a well-paying job. Nobody comes to school to listen to you.


  1. If you do not talk a lot, these rules do not necessarily apply to you! Be social! Just don’t be annoying.

This article was harsh, but I am friends with a lot of social people who do talk a lot – That is okay! We are in high school! If it is something that I can hold a conversation about I do not mind if you talk at all. It is also okay to express your opinion! I am talking about the people who raise their hand to ask if anyone has food or to talk about something completely irrelevant to the discussion.