Young Democrats Club


Brianna Pritchett, Messenger Reporter & Business Manager

The amount of clubs the student body has at McCracken County High School keeps growing, with a new addition this year being The Young Democrats Club. This club was started by a small group of individuals, one of these being the president Emmett Neal. They took their thoughts and ideas to several teachers and eventually landed on Miss. Roberts who happily sponsored this upcoming club. Emmett always be politically involved, and in fact didn’t become a Democrat until his junior year of high school.  The 2016 election really sparked an interest in politics for Emmett. This was the first election he was able to vote in and comfortably understand compared to the preceding elections. Being a democrat in this area isn’t the most common thing, which was partially the reason Emmett felt the need to create a club and happily Mr. C was up for the idea.


The purpose surrounding this club was to welcome Democratic individuals and provide a comfortable open environment for discussions. Though this club is a democratic based organization, republicans and independents can be found at these meetings as well. This club is a great base to touch on to educate yourself with the Democratic side of things, and also to get a few more volunteer hours added to your name. The Young Democrat Club really strives to participate in local political events. They have done things such as phone banking for local candidates, participating in local democratic meetings, and they even plan to attend some city commission meetings. On top of all that Emmett even mentioned doing some volunteer work for the community, with discussions of volunteering around at the soup kitchen to help individuals.


The Young Democrats Clubs is an open-minded organization here to welcome anyone into their club. They hope to provide a comfortable place for individuals to be able to voice their opinion. The club meets every Friday after school until 4:00pm. If any of you have questions about the club don’t shy away from asking Emmett Neal or any other members of this happening group of individual.