Electronic Cigarettes

The Wolf in Dog’s Clothing


Leigh Duncan, Messenger Reporter

The Surgeon General describes it as “the most common tobacco use product” to date. Doctors describe it as yet another threat to the health of many American teenagers. Marketers, however, describe it as a ‘safe alternative’. The subject I speak of is obvious: E-cigarettes. But are they really as safe as the big CEO’s want us to think?


Many medical professionals say no. While they don’t contain near the amount of chemicals that traditional cigarettes do (the most dangerous being carbon monoxide, which can quickly poison you if consumed in high amounts), they do still contain chemicals posing potential health hazards, albeit in lower levels than the traditional cigarette. So, in short, they’re less dangerous than traditional tobacco products, but more dangerous than simply not partaking in the tobacco industry at all.


This does make them a good alternative to cigarettes- for people who currently smoke. Non smokers are better off without, because as said, they still contain dangerous chemicals, not to mention nicotine, which in and of itself is addictive and dangerous.


Big Tobacco draws in non-smokers with sweet-sounding flavors, like “Dark Chocolate Raspberry” and “Mocha Frappe”. Even if you buy the so-called “nicotine-free” cartridges, you’re most likely still getting a trace amount of nicotine. In 2009, the FDA ran tests on the juices, and found nicotine in some of the cartridges of the “Smoking Everywhere” e-cig brands… cartridges that were supposed to be nicotine-free. Everything is not what it seems.


So, why should we care? Because between 2011 and 2015, e-cigarette usage in teenagers has rose 900%.  To put that in perspective, say you had two dogs in 2011. If the amount of dogs you owned rose 900%, then in 2015 you would have 18 dogs.


That, my friend, is a lot of dogs, in a short amount of time. And, in this analogy, dogs that can, and will, kill you- and your friends. Even if you found a “nicotine free” cartridge, you’re still being exposed to harmful chemicals via the vapor. These are including, but not limited to, isoprene, lead, formaldehyde (that’s right, embalming fluid), benzene, toluene, sulfur, and cadmium. All of those are threatening to health in some way, most are emitted in second-hand smoke, and several are carcinogens- which are linked to cancer.


Now, I love dogs, don’t get me wrong. I am a Class A dog person. But these dogs, are gross. These are the dogs that pee on your carpet and leave little ‘gifts’ in your shoes.

Don’t let this Wolf in Dog’s Clothing fool you.