Why You Should Attend a Basketball Game


Makenzie Adams, Messenger Reporter & Social Media Manager

  1. Like at football games, there is a strong sense of community, and everyone is there for one reason – to support our school
  2. Everyone is there to have fun
  3. There are always so many other people there
  4. They’re fun to watch, from all viewpoints- superfans and onlookers alike
  5. It’s better to be a part of the action than favorite all the tweets about the game
  6. The sound of sneakers is always comforting, and the sound of everyone cheering brings a feeling of being a part of something cool
  7. They want your support just as much as you want to give them your support
  8. They work so hard and do so well
  9. Cheerleaders pump up the crowds
  10. Support your school!!