Bradley Miller: Man, Myth, Legend

Kaelin Rowell and Luke Resser

November 16, 2016

You have probably heard of him or have seen him dab in the hallway, but this past week, we had the pleasure of getting to know Bradley Miller, an insanely tall and awesome sophomore at MCHS. We sat down in class and asked Bradley about his political views; if you are interested in politics, you are surely in for a treat.

Which political candidate do you support and why?

“Trump. Here’s why. He is not a straightforward conservative. He has a wide variety of different political spectrums. He wants to bring social change by enforcing laws and bringing back jobs by somewhat of a liberal stance.”


If you could run for president what would you do?

“I would change things up. I would change the senate and congress. My hope would be to increase congress and increase the senate from 100 to 1000 people. This would allow many more views to be introduced. So it’s fairer.”


What politician do you admire the most?

“Trump. This is pretty repetitive.”


What do you think about the controversy of the candidates

“I think it is all overdramatic. For example, there is controversy over Hillary’s emails but we have no strong evidence.”


Can you dab for me

“Yeah.” *dabs*

What are your thoughts on Barack Obama?