China Trip


Kaitlyn Craig

Kaitlyn Craig , Messenger Reporter, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

One of the perks of going to a bigger high school like MCHS is that we have a lot more opportunities. And one of these major opportunities is the Educational Tours around the world that are offered every so often. They are great experiences where you learn a lot about other countries and their cultures, but mostly you learn a lot about yourself. And the next tour that McCracken is sending a group on is a trip to China.


The teacher heading up this trip is Ms. Alex Hines, the English teacher in downstairs House 3. This is her first time organizing an Educational Tours trip. She was asked to organize the trip this year because Ms. Stamper asked her if she would mind taking her place for this trip. “I chose China because I wanted to offer a non-European option, and I have wanted to go since seeing Mulan in elementary school!” Ms. Hines commented about the process of getting involved with this adventure.


Touring the world is a life-changing experience for anyone. Especially for a high schooler who is still trying to figure out who they are. Ms. Hines stated, “I think traveling anywhere outside Paducah is extremely valuable for high school students. My traveling experiences in high school opened my eyes to a world outside my little bubble.” High school students can usually lose sight of the bigger picture and feel like the world revolves around them, but trips like these can put things into perspective, even for adults.


This trip is going to be full of interesting things for the students. They will get to learn Tai Chi, participate in a tea ceremony, eat a traditional Chinese meal with a Hutong family, see beautiful Chinese architecture, and watch an artist create a sugar painting. Along with a lot of other awesome sightseeing!
For more information about this awesome opportunity for the trip of the lifetime, go see Ms. Hines in House 3, or find one of the posters throughout the school! You won’t want to miss out on this fantastic trip touring through China!