Carrie Fisher, Future Disney Princess?


Kaitlyn Craig , Messenger Reporter, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

When we think of a Disney Princess, we usually think of a beautiful woman with a perfect physique and a love for helping others before themselves. And most of the Disney princesses that come to mind when we think of Disney are just too good to be true. But lately, Disney has been tackling deeper topics like emotions in “Inside Out” for example. And following the unfortunate recent passing of Carrie Fisher, aka Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” franchise, fans of the late actress are creating a petition to memorialize her by making a princess based on Fisher and her life.


Not everyone knows this, but Fisher faced a lot of obstacles throughout her lifetime. It has been frequently discussed since her death in late December 2016 that she struggled with mental illness. She was relatively open about the fact that she struggled with bipolar disorder, and she was a very important person when it came to talking about the disorder. She helped diminish the stigmas on mental illness significantly. She also struggled from a very young age with drug addiction. She said that she thought when she was younger that it, but she realized later that she was a severe manic depressive and that is why drugs appealed to her.


But throughout all of these struggles, she exuded strength and beauty throughout her lifetime. She was a role model for females of all ages. And this is exactly why her fans are pushing for Disney to create a princess inspired by her. Because Disney Princesses are made to be good role models, for character, honesty, true love, and other quality traits that you need to be a good person. And if their was a princess inspired by Carrie Fisher, it could reach a new generation of not just girls, but all people, and teach them how to be strong and confident with themselves.
Carrie Fisher was one of the most inspirational people in Hollywood, especially for women. And it was a major loss when she lost her life entirely too early. Disney may or may not make Carrie Fisher their next princess, but either way, she is still a great role model to emulate in life.