Lindsey Goodwin – The G.O.A.T


Kaitlyn Craig , Messenger Reporter, Columnist, and Human Interest Coordinator

We hear all the time about the athletes and big named people in the school. But there are many people who go to school here and do lots of really interesting things and no one really knows about it. One girl who does some very cool things in her free time along with band and other activities, is Lindsey Goodwin. She raises goats and uses the milk from them to create soaps and other cosmetic processes.


It is impressive to start your own business from scratch at any age, but even more so as a high school student. When asked about her budding business, Lindsey commented, “Currently I’m working towards a business that offers soap and other cosmetics right now. Right now it is on a small scale but I hope to expand this year to online sales and add more advertising.” She came about the idea of starting a business because she was wanting a way to make money off of the goats all year round, and not just in the spring when the babies are born. She decided that soaps would be the best way to do that considering her time and other resources.


Lindsey has been an animal lover since she was little. “I’ve always grown up with animals around my life, mainly dogs and cats but a few horses and goats eventually came along in middle school when my dad bought our first two for brush and weed control.” Lindsey explained. This instilled in her from a young age the responsibility to care for other living things.


Lindsey is also a clarinet player for the MCHS Band. She is in the Wind Ensemble, the highest level, and is also a member of marching band. This takes up the majority of her time outside of school and working with her goats. But she loves getting to do what she loves and spend time with her friends.


Lindsey is a great role model for doing what you love, and juggling multiple things at once, while still being a good student. And she is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. If everyone was a little bit more like Lindsey, the world would be a much nicer place.