How to Register to Vote

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Caroline Dew, Messenger Reporter, Columnist & Social Media Manager

Voting is one of our privileges and rights as American citizens. Our government, while this is somewhat debatable, is a representative democracy. Because we are represented by elected officials, it is important to be informed about who is running to represent you, and how to have a say in who does represent you. In our government, to vote, you have to be registered to vote. This can be a confusing process to first time voters, so this is an instructional article on the most convenient ways to register to vote, and how to do so.


How to register to vote online


  • To register to vote, you will first need your personal identification information easily accessible. You’ll need things like your name (I hope you know this), address, and identification number.
  • To register online you’ll need to visit to website
  • It is very very important to report the correct information. Reporting false information or registering someone else up to vote is punishable by fine or up to three years in prison.


How to register to vote through form


  • To register to vote by mailing in an application, you will need the same information as you would need as if you were doing so online.
  • You can do this by going to your county clerk’s office and getting voter registration card, or you can download the pdf online.
  • Once you have completed filling this out, you can mail it to your county clerk or to 140 Walnut Street Frankfort, KY 40601