Dear Class Of 2018


Convocation Graduation Tassel

Whitney Herring, Messenger Reporter

March 2017

Dear Class of 2018,


It’s almost your time to shine. A couple more months and you will be the seniors of McCracken County High School, you will be the students that the freshmen look up to. Senior year is coming up for you guys and once it gets here, it will go by even faster. You guys have made it this far, one year and a couple of months, you will be thrown into the real world just like us, the seniors that are graduating in a few short months. As we embark on this new journey, you will also be embarking on a new journey, a journey known as senior year.

Senior year is a whirlwind. Colleges, scholarships, firsts & lasts, and many emotions. You may think you’re ready for senior year but the truth is…you aren’t. Senior year is bittersweet, you’ll begin your year thinking graduation will never come, but then you blink and you’re two months away from graduation wishing you had more time. More time to spend with your friends who are leaving for college in a few very short months, more time to spend with your family who will miss you just as much as you will miss them, and more time for all the high school events that you won’t get in college. Even if you don’t think you are going to miss anything about this high school, you will. You grew here, made friends here, and made memories in these hallways that will stick with you wherever you go. One day you will look back and you’ll miss how simple or maybe even how ¨rough¨ high school used to be.

What I’ve learned from senior year, is to never take the time you have in high school for granted. One day you will miss Friday nights in the student section cheering on the Mustangs, you’ll miss seeing your best friends every day, and maybe you’ll miss the teachers and the familiarity of the halls you have walked through everyday for years. Don’t wish senior year away, because it will be over before you know it. Take pictures, take lots of pictures, because one day you will look back on your senior year and be glad you have those memories. You may still be juniors but before you know it, you will be staring graduation straight in the face and wishing you had just a little more time just like us, the class of 2017.


Whitney Herring, Class of 2017