Surviving Quilt Week In Quilt City, USA

Surviving Quilt Week In Quilt City, USA

Whitney Herring, Messenger Reporter

March 2017

Paducah, Kentucky is known as ¨Quilt City, USA.¨ This being said, there is the dreaded Quilt Show Week that happens every year. This year, the quilt show is April 26th through April 29th, here are a few tips on how to survive this week as a local.


Tip #1: STAY HOME! There is no way you are going to survive going out and facing the quilter. They are EVERYWHERE! Staying at home will be the safest bet, you won’t have to deal with the quilters, the traffic, and again…the quilters.


Tip #2: Don’t go out to eat. Fix food at home, if you don’t, you will have to wait forever. You’ll have to wait forever, deal with the quilters, and the traffic will be horrible. Eating at home for the week will be the best way to avoid the quilters.


Tip #3: Maybe you should just leave town. Just don’t even try and deal with it, because it’s horrible. Leaving town would save you from the traffic and the quilters.
I wish I had more tips for you for during Quilt Week, but I don’t. Surviving Quilt Week isn’t easy and there isn’t really anything you can do. Avoiding going anywhere at all costs is how I choose to survive Quilt Week. Paducah is known as Quilt City, USA and that’s quite a hassle for the locals who have to be here during that week. That is one week out of the year that I want to get out of this town because dealing with the old lady quilters, the foreign quilters, and the traffic is just way too much. Leaving for the week would be the best option.