The Ball Family


Reese Guill, Messenger Reporter

The Ball family has taken over the basketball world, at least college and high school basketball. Lavar Ball is the father of the three Ball brothers. And let me tell you, these brothers can ball. Yeah I know that was stupid. But for real, these brothers are really good at basketball. Lonzo Ball, the oldest of the brothers, is a freshman at UCLA and is lighting up college basketball. He is very likely going to be at least a top 5 draft pick in this year’s NBA draft. But his father, Lavar is tarnishing his legacy already. Lavar speaks for all of his kids. He has a plan for all his kids in place. He has said that Lonzo will be a whole lot better than Stephen Curry. It sounds ridiculous right? But I mean he’s just a very optimistic dad who looks out for his kids. But he said one thing that was pretty far out there, he said that Lonzo will only play for the Los Angeles Lakers. There’s no way that Lonzo could control that. But I mean he is basically just a dad talking about his boys at a local barber shop. It doesn’t really mean anything. LiAngelo Ball is a senior in high school right now and he is committed to UCLA and he will be a really good player. Not to the extent of Lonzo but still really good. The youngest Ball brother, LaMelo, is something else. He is a special talent. Last month he scored 92 points in a high school game. 92 freaking points. The kid is a sophomore in high school. When I was a sophomore I couldn’t run a lap without getting winded. Anyways LaMelo is also committed to play at UCLA when he graduates high school. In the next few years be sure to watch these Ball brothers “ball” out.