Cheer Wins Nationals

In 2014, the McCracken County co-ed cheerleaders competed at the national competition and won first place. 3 years later, they did it again. The long, hard season for the cheer team ended on the 11th of February when the team made finals for the National High School Cheerleading Competition. The Mustangs competed in the Medium Co-ed Division and not only did McCracken win the first title in this division, but this made McCracken have the most wins in Medium Co-ed in the nation.

This team was led by 11 seniors, 3 of which won in 2014, but for the 8 who didn’t win in 2014, they ended their high school career’s champions.     For the co-ed team, this win came with a lot of hard work and adversity at moments. Christian Cathey said: “”For me when I wanted to toss in the towel is whenever I had dislocated my shoulder twice resulting in me figuring out my Labrum was torn. But I knew it was just an obstacle being thrown at me to make me decide if I’m gonna conquer it for my team or let it conquer me and let my team down. Our whole team had days when we would wanna drop it all. But we are a family and wouldn’t let each other go down alone. We did everything together and that’s what helped me and others from giving up.” All the hard work paid off with a hit in finals, a 1st place trophy,  and the glorious white jackets. As for some of the girls, this has been a dream ever since they were in the tumbling gym working towards their goal of winning a white jacket, like Madelyn Ceglinski. “It’s was the best feeling to accomplish one of my goals with the people I love. We really came together as a family and that’s what made it so much sweeter.” If you see a member of our co-ed team, make sure to congratulate them for this amazing feat!