We Fall: Trump’s Executive Order


Trump did not ban entry into the US from countries he had business ties with.

Leigh Duncan, Messenger Reporter

Kentucky’s state motto goes “united we stand… divided, we fall”.

Today, however, division is all to evident in American society. This is especially evident in President Donald Trump’s executive order, which essentially banned an entire people from entering the United States from certain countries; these countries include Libya, Sudan, the Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, and Iran. These people include American citizens, who many have been overseas traveling or visiting their families.

The order appears to me as a rash reaction on Trump’s part to his newfound power. It’s like a child, who discovers that if the work a muscle, the limb moves. Even if it moves in a direction that happens to whack somebody in the face, they’re too focused on how cool it is that they can actually manipulate their body; while this is common knowledge to us, simpletons like babies (and Trump) are engrossed by it. Everyone likes power.

I do not think that the ban serves any real purpose to this country, in other words. Trump did not place it in order to “protect” us; if he had, it would be more long term than 90 days. He also would have placed a ban on Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (where the 9/11 attackers were from and where al Quaeda was based) and many, many other ‘muslim’ countries like Egypt, Turkey, the U.A.E., and Azerbaijan- which he didn’t, because he has business interest in them.

He imposed the ban in order to exercise his power, to play around with what he could and could not do. Basically, he did it because he could. But just because you can, does not mean you should. Mr. Trump seems to have not grasped this concept yet.

Because it’s so short term, I don’t foresee it in it’s current state posing any long term threat or effect to our immigration system, and I don’t think Trump foresees it either- if he does, it only further proves his ignorance. Just as the child moving it’s limb is a fleeting, overall insignificant event, so is this order.

It is not this order I fear, however. It’s the brashness of it. This man can hit a button and start the third World War. And, he just well may, for the same reason as he did this: because he can. He even banned green card holders from entry, simply because they were born in other countries.

But he is, of course, careful to not damage himself in this process; his list of banned countries does not contain any mid-east countries he had business interest in. For example, Saudi Arabia, a country with wealth in terms of oil access and business interest, that is  linked to the terrorist attacks that started the “war on terror”- the September 11th attacks.

So here’s my big question to Mr. Trump: What are you going to do to assult our rights next?