2017 Senior Superlatives



University Student Hats Graduation Photo

Kendel Ponchock, Messenger Reporter

We are nearing the end of the 2016/17 school year.  Ahhhhh the sweet smell of victory.  This means pulling out the short sleeve tops, less homework but somehow more stress, planning a crazy spring break, sunshine, and freedom.  It’s almost summer, people.  The winding down of a school year is especially exciting for seniors, because, duh, high school is almost over… for good. Need I give any more explanation? Their lives are only beginning. How will we remember these important people and their legacies once they leave? Yearbooks.  Yearbooks and superlatives. Once a year, the senior class votes on titles to give their special classmates.  Best dressed, friendliest, next president, most likely to succeed… you already know the drill. Who’s most likely to hit you with their car in the future? Who will you someday see on the big screen or winning an Oscar? Ladies and gentleman, without further ado, I give you your senior superlatives for the class of 2017.


The Next Politician – Barton Christmas & Henny Ransdell


The Next Nobel Prize Winner – Zachary Althouse & Mallory Thompson


The Next MVP – Tyce Daniels & Michelle McKamey


The Next Reality TV Star – Dakota Shugars & Avery Driver


The Next Top Model – Cash Jones & Olivia Sin


The Next Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone- Matthew Jordan & Kendel Ponchock


The Next Rockstar – Briar Travis & Ashley Dees


The Next Stand Up Comedian – Kevin Dawes & Hallie Poat


The Next CEO of a Major Company – Boston Hicks & Makensie Ellermann


The Next Picasso – Carson Jarvis & Madeline Jones


The Next Teacher of the Year – Jordan Windhorst & Caroline Jones


The Next Mother Theresa – Jon Bilak & Ashley Brandon


Most Changed Since Freshman Year – Justin Eckstein & Raegan Archer


Perpetually Late – Emmet Neal & Taylor Lindsey


Perpetually Flirting – Beau Mathis & Lilly Coiner


Worst Case of Senioritis – Gunner Walker & Kaylee Cursey


Teacher’s Pet – Evan Shepherd & Allie Farmer


Ray of Sunshine –  Josh Grogan & Emily Seitzinger


Most Forgetful – Dillion Anderson & Katie Dick


Most Likely to Live off the Grid – Drew Cradick & Kaitlyn Thompson
Worst Driver – Rady Hall & Rebecca Griffith