Pre-Prom is Coming Up!


It’s no hidden secret that there is a lot of pressure to attend a school dance at one point or another, whether it be your first school dance ever or the last one of your high school career. Prom is right around the corner and is one of the most overrated dances yet. This dance adds a lot of pressure onto teenage boys who are struggling to figure out how to ask their significant other in the perfect way. Though I don’t agree with the pressure of Prom, I’m not gonna sit here and bash it for my own enjoyment. I’m just going to explain the better option out of the two. School dances are awkward and just basically a waste of money, the DJ is normally some 40-year-old man who just puts a playlist on shuffle. It’s not even a dance, it more of a grind fest. Instead of going into an overpopulated gym full of sweaty hormonal teens I’m leaning on the side of attending Pre-prom.


Pre-Prom is put on by a growing DJ by the name of Sidlicious who is actually considered a DJ. He plays a mixture of song, remixes them to create more of a rave vibe. This year he is putting on another Pre-Prom gig in downtown Paducah the night before Prom. This is an event that promotes getting together with friends for a fun night out in the town, it sets the vibe for Prom and hypes everybody up for the following night of fun. Sidlicious is a working college student who finds a passion and hobby in DJing, he knows not everyone has the money to spend on outrageous dresses and big dinners so he created an affordable alternative. Pre-Prom tickets have been speculated to range around $10 dollars this year… ONLY 10 DOLLARS for a 4-hour event! Also, there isn’t any specific dress code for you to follow. Wear what you please from a flowy dress to jeans and a tee, or an elegant gown you’ve always imagined yourself in, just be yourself! Pre-Prom is such an amazing experience that dozens of students from around town participated in last year.


Pre-Prom this year is set to take on April 28th from 8-11ish. The location hasn’t been confirmed yet but it will for sure be in downtown Paducah. The area will be nicely decorated and have refreshments and snacks for guests. Save the date and tell your friends, this is going to be a night to Pre-Member.