Spring in Your Step



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Kendel Ponchock, Messenger Reporter

Still feeling dreary and half asleep? No motivation? Spring just doesn’t feel real? Same. You and many other people are feeling the same way.  Winter was way too long. For Pete’s sake, it snowed in March! I have officially diagnosed you with a case of the winter blues.  You need to take the necessary steps towards wellness.  Here are your instructions for a newfound spring energy:


Spend more time outside.  Soak up the sunshine and get some vitamin D.  You may be in a winter denial because you spend all your time indoors.  The great thing about spring is the change in weather. Change in weather = a change in attitude. The Sunshine can easily work as medicine!


Make a spring playlist! Your current music choices may be bringing your productivity and attitude down. I personally need an uptempo alternative playlist to get anything done. In winter, most people tend to listen to sad, depressing tunes. Don’t lie, we all like to wallow in our feelings when it’s cold and grey outside. Spring is a new season though! A few artists to check out for some spring vibes are Tennis, HAIM, Foster the People, The Strokes, and Two Door Cinema Club!


Switch out your food choices.  It’s incredibly hard to find fresh produce in the winter months, but spring is different! Fresh raspberries, blackberries, and peaches are everywhere! Use leftover meat in a salad to pack for your school lunch! There are always options.  Colorful seasons bring along colorful foods. Make a conscious effort to try new things; you will be surprised at how much more exciting your life will become.


Be spontaneous.  Plan a weekend trip to Nashville or simply eat your breakfast outside in the sunshine! Maybe the root of your winter rut is the fact that you’ve gotten yourself into a routine that you can’t quite seem to get out of.  Stop to get coffee on the way to school or take your dog for a weekend walk.