Alternatives to GSP

Alternatives to GSP

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Kaitlyn Craig , Messenger Reporter, Columnist, Human Interest Coordinator


Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP) is a wonderful opportunity that the state of Kentucky offers for its students. Students who are selected and complete the program are then recognized by the state as scholars and they are usually offered a multitude of scholarships for their participation. But it is a very selective program, and a lot of people do not get accepted. But that doesn’t mean there is no other options of academic summer programs they can attend to add a little pizzazz to their college applications.


Commonwealth Honors Academy

CHA is a wonderful opportunity for all students in the country. Unlike GSP, which is only available to students in Kentucky, this program is available to students out of state as well. CHA is a three week program held at Murray State University for students the summer after their Junior year. Participants leave this program with six hours of tuition-free transferable college credit, and six additional hours the student completes during their Senior year. Students also leave with a four-year 2,000 housing scholarship to Murray State. The deadline for applications is March 1st each year for the current Juniors of that school year.


Centre Summer Scholars Program

This program is slightly different than CHA and GSP, but it is still a fantastic opportunity. This intensive two week program exposes upcoming Juniors and Seniors in high school to several different topics in the realm of a liberal arts education. Instead of having an application process for this program, it costs 1,500 dollars to participate, but each student leaves with a one-time 1,000 dollar scholarship. This is definitely a good program to keep in mind when choosing summer plans.


Spencerian Med Camp

This program in Louisville, KY or Lexington, KY is focused just on students interested in going into a medical profession. This camp helps future medical professionals decide what area of the field they want to enter. This program is open for the classes of 2017-2019 for this summer. Applications are open until it fills up which is happening fast. This program provides a wonderful opportunity to provide that spark to your application while also helping you discover your passions in the field and meeting new people who are already in the field and people who have the same interests as you.