Surviving School after Spring Break

Surviving School after Spring Break

Whitney Herring, Messenger Reporter

April 2017


Spring break is over and it’s back to school. Surviving school after any break is difficult, but surviving school after spring break with summer staring you straight in the face is even harder. By the time spring break is over, students everywhere are ready for summer, the nice weather, the stress free environment, and no teachers.


One way to survive school after spring break is to remember that you have done this before. You have survived many other weeks after spring break and you can survive this one. After spring break, summer is just weeks away. Keep your eyes on summer break and you will get through the last month of school.


Another way to survive school after spring break is to get back into the routine that you had before break. Sleep early, be on time, and try your hardest to stay focused on your work. The harder you work, the more it will pay off in the end. Getting back on a routine will help the last weeks of school fly by.


Staying on top of things will also help keep low stress during the last weeks of school. Turn everything in on time, don’t skip assignments, and don’t get behind. Getting behind will only drag the school year on longer, staying on top of things will benefit you in the long run.
For seniors, this is the final stretch. This is where you are staring graduation and reality right in the face. There is no surviving school for seniors after spring break, they have no motivation. Seniors have no motivation the whole year, and it is even worse after spring break. Seniors are just ready to get out of here.