Restaurants You Don’t Know About

Restaurants You Dont Know About

Whitney Herring and Kaelin Rowell

April 2017 

In Paducah, Kentucky there are many franchise restaurants throughout the mall area but there are also locally owned restaurants that many locals may not know about. Scattered throughout Lone Oak, the mall area, and downtown, there are many old, as well as new restaurants that have popped up and might not have gotten the attention that they deserve. Three restaurants that many may not know about are Kirchoff’s Deli, Cancun Mexican Grill, and Pizza Warehouse.  


1.Kirchoff’s Deli


Kirchoff’s Bakery is known as one of the staples of downtown Paducah and actually has been for a long time. If you’re like us, you probably thought the only options at Kirchoff’s were the different varieties of bread and pastries. In reality, there is an entire other side of the building that serves freshly made sandwiches, soups, and salads for a reasonable price, only costing around seven dollars for an entire meal. Many people do not even know about this, and according to Leigh Duncan, the Italian Toasty changed her life.


  1. Cancun Mexican Grill


For some reason, Los Amigos has received a lot of hype these past few weeks even though it has been in town for years. But now, Los Amigos may be taking the second place slot when it comes to the best Mexican Restaurant in Paducah. Cancun Mexican Grill came to Paducah this past year and the basic meal of chicken and rice tasted like a revelation. The salsa was rich and light and the chips were the essence of perfection. The family atmosphere was extremely delightful and the staff was extremely kind. Highly recommend.


  1. Pizza Warehouse


One of the new restaurants in Paducah is Pizza Warehouse. This new restaurant is owned by the same people that own the Italian Grill on Broadway. It has opened within the last few months and has drawn a crowd. Pizza Warehouse is in the strip with YaYa’s Island, Cold Stone Creamery, and Learning Railroad. They offer everything from pizza to sub sandwiches and have reasonable prices. Zach Ray, a junior at MCHS, says that he would eat at Pizza Warehouse a thousand times before he eats at Mellow Mushroom again. Pizza Warehouse is a restaurant that everyone needs to try at least once.


If you’re looking for a restaurant that you’ve never visited before for date night or a night out with friends, maybe you should try one of these restaurants. These three may be different than what you are used to, but you are most likely going to want to go back. All three of these restaurants are highly recommended.