What’s Next?

Whats Next?

Whitney Herring, Messenger Reporter

May 2017

It’s May, the ending of the school year is getting closer and closer. For many, this is an exciting time and for others, it is very bittersweet. Seniors are staring graduation right in the face, they have been counting down the days till they get to walk across that stage to get the diploma they have worked so hard for. The year is quickly coming to an end.


The real question that all seniors are facing is ¨what’s next?¨ What comes after we walk out of those doors for the very last time? Seniors are being thrown into the real world after years and years of sitting at desks for 7 hours a day and having to ask to go to the bathroom. It’s that point in the year where life decisions are being made, decisions that will shape our futures for the rest of our lives.


Colleges, careers, degrees, everything is being thrown at the seniors at a fast pace. They have very little time left in this bubble we all know as high school. After they leave, reality sets in and summer is going to go by fast. Before we know it, we will be leaving our hometown for the next few years while we pursue our dreams. The dreams that we have had in mind since we stepped into the halls of McCracken County High School as a freshman.


We have all changed a lot since we walked in as freshmen, 4 years ago. We’ve been shaped into the people we will be for the rest of our lives. McCracken County High School has helped us all achieve our dreams and become the people that they wanted us to be. MCHS has changed all our lives in some way, and for some getting out of here is a dream come true, and for others, it’s a bittersweet moment. We are getting ready to leave the only school we’ve known for 4 years. It’s an exciting time in our lives, it’s a big milestone. We worked hard to get here, and here we are, waiting and anticipating graduation.
McCracken County High School deserves big thanks for shaping us into the people we are. The principals, teachers, and other faculty members don’t get enough credit for all that they do, they helped us become the people we are today. No matter where we go in life, McCracken County High School will always be the place that helped us learn, that shaped us, and the place we made a lot of our memories, the good and the bad.