Tips For Finals Week

Tips For Finals Week

Whitney Herring, Messenger Reporter

May 2017

It’s May which means the end of school is near and the most dreaded time is coming…finals. Finals are stressful for everyone, teachers, students, principals. Everything is turned upside down the weeks before and during finals. Here are some tips on how to survive finals week.


  1. Sleep: I know this is difficult, it’s getting to the time of year where staying up even later than usual is becoming a habit, but you have to sleep. Getting enough sleep will help you feel prepared for the final. It will be worth it when you aren’t having to force yourself to stay awake like all of your friends.
  2. Eat Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t rush and skip breakfast, make sure and eat so you have enough energy to get through all of your finals.
  3. Study: Don’t forget to study. Studying for 30 minutes every night will help. No matter what anyone says, studying will improve your scores. You don’t want to be the only one that fails because you didn’t study.
  4. Take Breaks: I know I said to study, but you can’t do that constantly. You need to take breaks and just chill from time to time, it will keep the stress low and give you time with your friends and family.
  5. Stay Positive: You’ve hit the home stretch. You’re so close to summer, you just have to get through finals, so stay positive. Think happy thoughts and know that summer is waiting for you once you finish.


For seniors, these are your last high school finals, try hard because you don’t want to slack off on the last few tests you will ever take in high school. Just a couple of tests and you will be graduating, and for the underclassmen, you can do it.