Things to do on Summer Break if You Are Broke

Kaelin Rowell, Messenger Reporter


Go to Sonic for Happy hour: ALL DRINKS ARE HALF OFF!

see a movie. sneak in some Twizzlers and check out an early showing. Cinemark prices are almost half the cost if you go before noon!

hike. Head to a nearby trail, or find suggestions online for an urban hike in your city.

volunteer. The hospital, a local soup kitchen, an animal shelter…investigate a few places that interest you and see if they need help. Plus, you get service hours!

go thrift store shopping. Set yourself a max budget and bring it in cash to prevent overspending.

get tea with a friend you haven’t connected with in a while.

picnic! : Go outside and catch some air while you have lunch!

stargaze. Bonus points if you can name some constellations.

Go Downtown: It is okay to be that basic person that spends their time outdoors in downtown Paducah. Go to Etcetera and take a picture by the red wall.