Sarahah: An App Review


Olivia Vick, Messenger Reporter

Throughout the years of developing social media, there have been many various forms of anonymous messaging. Most recently, however, there has been a trending app/website called “Sarahah.” This app especially grew in popularity, because it can be linked to your social media accounts including Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.  I’ve watched people confess their crushes and have positive responses, be lifted up by friends’ positive comments, and some people genuinely give constructive criticism (which was the apps intended use) that was well received. Personally, this app played a part in me being reunited with an old friend. The anonymous feature gave her the courage to apologize for something that had happened, and so I was able to do the same when I discovered her identity.

The main purpose of Sarahah is fairly simple; giving users the ability to receive honest, anonymous feedback from coworkers or friends, regarding “strengths and areas for improvement”, according to its website. Sarahah is available of apple and adroid devices, and has severable available features. One of which, allows you to view only your “favorite” messages, as well as a section for the ones you have sent to other Sarahah users while signed into your account. Also on your personal profile, it tells you how many messages you have received. New features will be available soon, according to the app (allegedly, the possibility to respond to the anonymous messages). Maybe these features will include a server that can handle the amount of users it has obtained.   

Though it has grown in popularity and has a variety of great features, Sarahah has caused quite a bit of controversy, from how to pronounce the app’s name, to people spreading  hateful messages. Any anonymous messaging is bound to have some negative responses, but the app isn’t all bad. Not everyone will use the power to comment anonymously in a good way, but those who do may have a bigger impact on people than they realize.  For any negative feedback you may receive, Sarahah has the option of blocking unwanted messages and deleting the ones you don’t want to see.

In short, all apps have some drawbacks, such as having to load 10 times due to crashing servers, but this app is definitely worth having. So if you’re one of the few teenagers who hasn’t downloaded this app yet, you should give it a try. It may have better results than you expect.